Capturing Daylight

Capturing daylight, Arkitektskolen Aarhus

Mock up room, 1:30 model


The assignment focused on the study of nordic daylight of interior spaces with the use large physical interior models and photography. The ambition of the workshop was the development of a methodology for the study of the qualitative, atmospheric and phenomenological qualities of daylight, based on a sensorial understanding of natural light. The first stage was a prolonged observation of a chosen space within the architecture school through a sequence of photographs over a day. The aim of this “slow” method of registration was to observe with intensity allowing to comprehend the room in depth and with precision. The second stage was a careful and detailed survey of the room, with an emphasis on its physical and material qualities. We used survey as a tool to comprehend size, geometry, form, proportion and material qualities of a space. The survey process informed the production of large orthographic plans and internal elevations exploring the form of the space, its proportion and material qualities. The next stage was the making of an interior model of the space at a scale between 1:10 and 1:30 utilising foam-board, paper, card and other simple materials. The models were reconstructions that captured the observed qualities of the studied space. The aim of these models was purely to be photographed in order to recreate the daylight conditions observed. We collaborated with a professional architectural photographer to create images from the models that aimed at capturing the subtleties of winter nordic light daylight.


Elective workshop fall semester
Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Denmark
Project title: Capturing Daylight
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Year: 2015

Students: Allette L. M. Hansen, Anders Kielsgaard Hansen, Ann-Sofie Nielsen, Anne Birgitte Severinsen, Arvid Andersson, Eline Evenstad Dahl, Emil Rasborg, Emma Sønju, Helena Hampe Jensen, Hermine Hedreul, Ida Nørgaard, Jeppe Grønbæk Andersen, Jesper Andreas Christiansen, Jesper Drejer, Jule Zingra, Lærke Aagaard, Lars, Villiam B. Pedersen, Line Moesgaard, Mathias Bugge, Mathias Kanstrup, Mattias Huus Højlund, Maya Brahms Koch, Peter Hougaard, Sarah Gruenbaum Tonnesen, Simone Stellô Stelsø, Sofie Jürs, Sofie Pettersen, Stine Lebech Schmidt, Trina Gaard

Photography: Andrés Fraga

Thanks to: Aida Espanyol Vilanova & Rasmus Grønbæk Hansen