Faaborg Museum

Arkitektskolen Aarhus

New Faaborg Museum entrance hall, 1:20 model photo

Following a first detailed study of  Carl Petersen’s exhibition spaces, the studio then began an intensive design phase, starting with a process of constructing place: a profound and careful understanding of place and its qualities as found. We used precise and competent drawings together with a collective model to illustrate and realise accounts of our readings of what is actually there. Drawings at precise scales helped us to explore Faaborg, becoming also a useful tool to present and communicate to others the qualities of place, as well as a design tool that allowed us to start testing and locating our proposals. Following this careful understanding of Faaborg Museum and the qualities of place, over the next three weeks, the studio developed spatial, strategic and tectonic ideas that drove the architectural proposals for the extension of the Faaborg Museum. Remembering the lessons that we learnt from the architecture of Carl Petersen, our ambition was to condense our understanding of place and use into a physical architectural proposal. The complexity and subtleties of both site and use were addressed with a propositional attitude. In the final part of the semester, we consolidated the resolution of our architectural proposals through the definition of detailed drawings that clearly indicate a precise strategy for construction, structure and sustainability. Over a period of three weeks, students develop a key fragment of the building via an individual 1:20 construction principles drawing describing a relevant part of the design project that informed a revised set of plans, sections, and elevations that communicate the spatial arrangement of the proposal in relation to construction. Over the final two weeks, the studio had time to consolidate the resolution of the proposals through the finalisation of the various pieces of work. The projects developed by the studio were redits:exhibited over the summer in Faaborg Museum.


Faaborg Museum Denmark
Fall semester master studio
Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Denmark
Project title: Faaborg Museum Extension
Location: Faaborg, Denmark
Year: 2022
Tutors: Aurora Armental Ruiz, Stefano Ciurlo Walker & Gonçalo Pires


Lang Lin, William George Hamilton Barker, Marius Wold, Oliver Skovdal Danielsen, Miriam Reistad, Aske Hartje Jakobsen, Tina Julianne Marzano, Andreas Johan Bergström, Nilagshana Maheswaran, Halvard Hauge Hornes, Brita Sofia Melander, Casper Luis Hauberg Nikolajsen, Frederik Bjerg Madsen, Peter Nørkjær Larsen, Caroline Brun Nielsen, Oliver George Hall, Rebekah Anne Ball, Anna, Urd Lysdal Pedersen, Rasmus Kristian Nielsen, Florentyna Pichler, Malthe Rieland Kanstrup, Sophus, Emil Lyngesen Grønne, Mathilde Grødem, Gard Meisingseth Rognes, Emil Vestergaard Jensen, Thomas Brodersen, Kristian Magnus Gøthe Jonsson, Frederik Bo Højbjerg

Thanks to:

Faaborg Museum, Eva Frellesvig, Rasmus Grønbæk Hansen, Andrés Fraga