Learning from: Bath, Studies in tectonic composition

Learning from: Alison & Peter Smithson

Learning from: Alison & Peter Smithson

To start developing an approach to modernity in historical contexts, the studio looked at how Alison & Peter Smithson have intervened in Bath. Since 1977 Peter Smithson was involved with Giancarlo de Carlo’s ILAUD, International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design in Italy and between 1978 and 1988 the Smithsons developed four building for the University of Bath. Over one month students have realised detailed and thorough studies in tectonic composition of these four buildings. The studies were in the form of orthographic drawings and three-dimensional pieces at specific scales, exploring spatial distribution, tectonic arrangement and construction-material ideas, with the intention of making connections between the built work of the Smithsons and its relation to the historical context of Georgian Bath and the influence of Tuscan medieval and renaissance architecture recorder in “Italian Thoughts”.


Undergraduate studio
University of East London
Project: Learning from: Bath, Studies in tectonic composition
Location: Bath, UK
Year: 2009
Coordinators and tutors: Aurora Armental Ruiz & Stefano Ciurlo Walker


Douglas Ahem, Abul Bashir,Christopher Bishop, Michael Denyer, Ruta Didelyte, Khalid Egal, Hamed Haji Faraji, Matthew McAleese, Khulood Nasaif, Thasmia Reza, Kristin Ulrikke Ronnestad, Loucas Stephanides, Maria Ourania Zacharopoulou, Farrokh Aman, Michalis Anastasiou, Stavroula-Davidia Antoniou, Charbel Chagoury, Jhonnatan Jaramillo, Fiona Magar, Hironobu Mizugai, Sanae Mizushima, Riichiro Sakashita, Rory Saunders, Marina Shileva, Bhavika Varsani