Learning from: Faaborg Museum

Arkitektskolen Aarhus

Museum entrance, 1:20 model


The first assignment of the semester focused on the study of Faaborg Museum by Carl Petersen through slow observation, careful manual survey and digital 3D scanning. In this first task, we focused on the depiction of the atmosphere of found interior spaces. The ambition was to develop tools for the observation, understanding and interpretation of space, carefully considering qualitative aspects of interiors such as size, proportions, the relation between rooms, construction, colour, material, light and how these spaces relate to art pieces, furniture and their wider context. Over the three weeks, seminars on drawing, model making and model photography provided a theoretical and practical framework for the development of a series of explorations of interior spaces as found. During the first two-day visit to the museum, the museum curators gave us an introduction to both the buildings and the art collection. During these two days, we had the opportunity to work in the museum itself. The expected outcome for each team was a set of precise orthographic drawings, an image derived from an interior model and a written reflection of the task. These three pieces had to complement each other in order to depict and communicate clearly the qualities of the space that each team has chosen to explore. The drawings, images and texts produced during the assignment where exhibited in the Arkitektskolen Aarhus and Faaborg Museum as way to share with both the school and the museum our approach to the comprehension of the architecture of Carl Petersen.


Fall semester master studio
Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Denmark
Project title: Learning from: Faaborg Museum
Location: Faaborg, Denmark
Year: 2022
Tutors: Aurora Armental Ruiz, Stefano Ciurlo Walker & Gonçalo Pires


Lang Lin, William George Hamilton Barker, Marius Wold, Oliver Skovdal Danielsen, Miriam Reistad, Aske Hartje Jakobsen, Tina Julianne Marzano, Andreas Johan Bergström, Nilagshana Maheswaran, Halvard Hauge Hornes, Brita Sofia Melander, Casper Luis Hauberg Nikolajsen, Frederik Bjerg Madsen, Peter Nørkjær Larsen, Caroline Brun Nielsen, Oliver George Hall, Rebekah Anne Ball, Anna, Urd Lysdal Pedersen, Rasmus Kristian Nielsen, Florentyna Pichler, Malthe Rieland Kanstrup, Sophus, Emil Lyngesen Grønne, Mathilde Grødem, Gard Meisingseth Rognes, Emil Vestergaard Jensen, Thomas Brodersen, Kristian Magnus Gøthe Jonsson, Frederik Bo Højbjerg

Thanks to:

Faaborg Museum, Eva Frellesvig, Rasmus Grønbæk Hansen, Andrés Fraga